Project 86

Project 86 is a my personal project car. This 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS rwd coupe (AE86) was purchased in 2002 and was intended to become a full fledged drift and track car. After years of owning the car I have now started working on realizing my dream. This project has gone through several drivetrain changes in its existence. Starting off with a 4agze supercharged 1.6L engine from a JDM AE101 Corolla to a fully built 4age hybrid big bore high comp NA engine to the current drivetrain which is a Honda F20c 2.0L engine out of a Honda S2000. The F20c in stock form produces 240hp to the crank and redlines to 9,000 rpms. This high revving engine will double the stock horsepower to the wheels of the Corolla with excellent reliability and nearly endless possibilities for upgrades and horsepower in the future.